Welcome to our Community Investment Page. RCUW’s Community Investment (CI) is the next phase in strategic community initiatives to implement long-lasting change for all Roane County residents. The CI goal is to help more members of our community to achieve: financial stability, enhanced levels of education and job qualification, and healthier lifestyles. CI is all about working collaboratively to align efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders to collectively pursue significant, lasting change at the community level. Communities are defined by a section or part of the R.C. population sharing one or more characteristics (age, gender, income level, geographic area, etc.). RCUW’s service model is depicted below. 2016 Community Investment 1. Proposal Criteria(pdf) 2. 2016 CI Application instructions and Check list 3. 2016 Application Final (Fillable) 4. Additional Service Funds Request Frequently Asked Questions Funded Partner Agreement & Other Information  2016 Community Investment Partner Agreement Counterterrorism Compliance

Community Investment Submission

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